Virtual Vet Derms: FIVP Discount

FIVP is proud to have worked with Virtual Vet Derms to secure a 20% discount for FIVP members wishing to receive a dermatology report.

Virtual Vet Derms is an online service, which supports practices with any dermatology cases which they would otherwise have to refer elsewhere. Through its specialist reports, Virtual Vet Derms enables practices to manage dermatology cases internally, avoiding costly referral fees for the practice and travel for the client.

The service is managed by Dr Sue Paterson, a European dermatology specialist. Dr Paterson has over 20 years experience in referrals, treating small animals, exotics and equine.

Virtual Vet Derms offers various services:

  • A Comprehensive Report, which is where a vet requires additional comprehensive support for a difficult dermatology case and they will receive a detailed report with this option. The cost for this is £60.00 + VAT and is fully reclaimable on a pet owner’s insurance policy. All the vet needs to do is upload the case history for the pet, the results of any diagnostic tests and up to three clear photos of the affected area. Dr Paterson will then review and come back with her report on how to manage the case.
  • A Treatment Report, where a diagnosis has already been made by the vet but they just need specialist help with choosing appropriate products to use and how best to use them. The cost for this is £35.00 + VAT and is also reclaimable against insurance. The vet just follows the same process as outlined above.
  • If after following any plan that Dr Paterson compiles there is no resolution, the vet can book a Video Consult either between Dr Paterson and the owner directly, or with Dr Paterson, the vet and the owner at the practice. This is done by video call, and the cost for this is £250.00 +VAT in addition to previous reports done.
  • A vet can also just submit a Quick Question. This usually covers simple things like checking a dose rate for a product, or whether a product is effective against a specific disease. Generally Quick Questions are not suitable for asking about an animal’s symptoms or treatment.

The first 50 FIVP members who request a Comprehensive or Treatment report will receive a 20% discount. This is not restricted to one discount per practice.

To get the discount code, visit the FIVP Members Forum. If you need support accessing the FIVP Members Forum, email .