The Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices (FIVP) represents the interests and promotes the values of independent veterinary practices.

Membership is practice based and open to all independent veterinary practices in the UK.

We consider an independent practice to be one in which the owners work within the practice and play a significant role in its day-to-day activities.

Member Benefits

FIVP members can benefit from:

  • Priority listing on for member practices, including all branch practices
  • Practice copies of PetFocus for your waiting room and discounted copies for distribution
  • We save our member practices time and money by attending careers fairs and promoting their jobs

Member Services and Opportunities

FIVP members receive a range of services including:

  • Representation of your interests and values
  • Education and training
  • Access to practice improvement services
  • Preferential rates and services
  • CPD support and resources

FIVP 4 Key Principles

  1. Promoting – FIVP represents the interest and promotes the values and benefits of independent practices to the market and clients.
  2. Sharing – FIVP assists members to continually improve their practices through sharing best practices in clinical, financial and management disciplines.
  3. Representing – FIVP represents the voice of the independent practice and puts its views to the wider veterinary community.
  4. Supporting – FIVP gives its members access to preferential rates and services from selected suppliers and associations which support independent veterinary practices.