Questions raised over VN Trailblazer Apprenticeship EPA

Following the VN Trailblazers meeting on 20th October, new issues have emerged surrounding apprenticeship end point assessments (EPA).

Due to an apparent change in interpretation of the rules for end point assessments, questions have arisen with regard to their structure.

One outcome of the meeting is a proposal to the government to review the current advice surrounding EPAs.

It is the federations belief that end point assessments for veterinary nursing apprenticeships should take on a much lighter touch, as students are already thoroughly tested by the OSCEs.

Ian Skates, Chairman of the Federation of Independent Practices (FIVP), said: “I am supportive of the option that satisfies the requirements of both employers and government, and I will continue to work with the group and the government to determine the best possible outcome.”

The next VN Trailblazers meeting is planned for mid January 2017.