Ep001 – FIVP Practice Matters – Pre-launch Introduction

PRACTICE MATTERS Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices

Welcome to “Practice Matters”, the podcast by the Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices (FIVP). Catch a new, 10 minute episode every other Tuesday, perfect for your dog walk or commute.

Ian Wolstenholme, business development manager at FIVP, will explore the hot topics, useful tips and innovative ideas shaping the veterinary world. He will be speaking with a variety of guests, gaining insights from their careers in independent practice.

But this podcast isn’t just about us- we want to hear from practices just like yours! Do you have a unique approach or a team member who has implemented a brilliant new idea? “Practice Matters” is dedicated to celebrating and highlighting the ingenuity and team-work within independent veterinary practices. So send a voice message on WhatsApp to 07709 836865 to get involved.

Join us as we bring the independent veterinary community together, sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation and celebrating success. Tune in to “Practice Matters” and be part of the conversation.