FIVP meets veterinary students at University of Edinburgh Careers Fair

FIVP representatives Hayley and Gemma had a fantastic day at the University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) Vet Careers Fair on 18 October.

It was a chance for the veterinary school’s undergraduates to learn about the importance of independent practices, and what makes working for an independent practice so special.

We also highlighted the excellent employment and EMS opportunities that our member practices have to offer new graduates.

In total, we had just over 100 EMS enquiries and over 60 undergraduates looking for assistance with their first role in practice. Plus, all 120 FIVP bags were gone by the end of the day!

We will now be connecting with these students to guide and assist them as they begin their veterinary careers.

FIVP is proud to support new graduates as they begin their professional lives, and looks forward to spreading the word at more Careers Fairs across the UK.

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