COVID-19 support:

Every day we are receiving new information and new guidance. It is extremely tough for veterinary practice owners to ensure their businesses continue functioning as well as they can, but also to look after their employees…

The government has set up several schemes specifically set up to protect the security of businesses and its workers, but with the constant ever-changing nature of COVID-19, it can be difficult to filter through the endless headlines and properly identify how to benefit from such schemes and guidance.

Are you self-employed or an employee of veterinary practice and are concerned about the security of your place of work or employment? If so, then we can advise you of your contractual position, whether as an employee or as a subcontractor, as well as advising you about the government’s assistance to businesses, self-employed workers and employees.

Are you a business owner or an employer feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsure with the abundance of information and speculation? Are you self-employed, or an employee of a business and feeling worried, unsure or anxious about your current working position? Please do get in touch with us, Rudlings Wakelam, to learn more about our full range of commercial and employment services.

If you are concerned, unsure of how to deal with your employees or your business, or simply looking into planning for the future, we are here to help. We are open and available to help you and your business during this uncertain time.

Contract helpline

Contracts are the first step for any business or individual to ensure that they are protected legally. The most common reason to ensure that you have a full-proof contract in place is disputes. Whether this is with employees, customers and clients, suppliers, landlord and so on, your contract must be tailored to suit the needs of you and your practice.

Common questions

Do you have a dispute resolution procedure in place? Do you know what to do if you are not happy with a service or client? Do you know what to do if someone is not happy with your services? Do you know what all or your contractual rights are, and the full contractual obligations that you are bound
to follow?

The above are all extremely common questions which arise more frequently than most businesses would hope for. Particularly as contracts can be worded and structured in such a way to appear more complicated than they seem, or even to discretely include obligations or rights which you may not necessarily wish to be bound by.

Obtaining legal advice

It is important to have a second pair of eyes read over a contract, whether you are about to enter into a contractual relationship, whether you are already in a contractual relationship and a dispute or query has arisen, or even if you are already in a contract, but are not entirely sure of the contractual obligations and rights.

Any contract is only as strong as the enforcer’s understanding of it, and it is therefore important to obtain legal advice should any terms of your contracts come under review. We therefore want to ensure that all businesses and individuals have the opportunity to obtain legal advice; whether they are unsure on any particular contract they are currently party to, or a contract they are looking at entering into.

We also have a number of master contracts which we can either provide to businesses or individuals, or help tailor to make sure all of your bespoke business needs.