FIVP creates a community of affiliated practices, generating a cohesive voice that encourages vets to have their say on important veterinary issues and influence decision makers within the industry.

The association enables the promotion of the veterinary sector to students and graduates, endorsing the benefits of social enterprise and sharing key aspects of the industry with future contributors.

Key Benefits

  • Priority listing on for member practices, including all branch practices
  • Representation of the interests and values of independent practices at council meetings and congresses
  • Commitment to personal and professional development of staff, students and graduates
  • Access to practice improvement services – clinical, financial and management
  • Access to preferential rates and services from suppliers and associations supporting independent practices
  • High level of customer care and client satisfaction
  • Practice subscription to Veterinary Practice Today
  • Practice copies of PetFocus
  • Practice membership to
  • Practice discounts on a range of products and services