This competition has now finished.

Thank you to all who took part – the winners have now been contacted.

You can find the correct answers below.


1. An acute animal bite case is rushed in. What is the first thing you should do?
A. Give pain relief
B. Clip and lavage wounds
C. Check and stabilise airway
D. Administer IV fluids.
2. What is the most important communication skill during euthanasia consultations?
A. Empathy
B. Nonverbal communication
C. Building rapport
D. Using client-friendly language
E. Understanding the life circumstances of the client.
3. In Britain, approximately what percentage of horses are vaccinated for equine influenza?
Fewer than 50 per cent
4. Good practice suggests that controlled drugs should be audited:
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Annually
D. Daily.
5. What is the normal blood calcium range for a dairy cow?
2.1-2.8mmol/L or 8.6-10.3mg/dL
6. Which of the following are agamids?
A. Crocodiles
B. Iguanas
C. Bearded dragons
D. Leopard geckos.
7. Ear-based swelling in lop-eared rabbits is primarily linked to:
A. Anatomical defects in ear cartilage formation, together with brachycephalism
B. Inflammatory skin disease
C. Bacterial infection
D. Iatrogenic damage with the otoscope.
8. Which of the following is not a priority for monitoring during feline hyperthyroid clinics?
A. Blood pressure monitoring
B. Weight and body condition score checks
C. Exercise tolerance
D. Diet diaries.